1. Open the Batch Tracker
  2. Copy and paste the “Letter Date” into the Acknowledge Date.
  3. In the second cell of the “Gift Receipt” column (Cell K2), insert the following formula
    • =IF(ISERROR(SEARCH(“All gifts are tax deductible for tax purposes to the fullest extent of the law. Our tax ID is 95-2564138″,$I2)),”Not Receipted”,”Receipted”)
  4. Copy the formula down the column by selecting the cell and clicking and dragging the bottom right corner down.
  5. Double check the “Letter Status” column. The cells should say “Open”, “Mailed”, “E-Mailed”, “No acknowledgement sent” or “Not Acknowledged” depending on the status of the letter.
    • Be sure there is no space in front of the text like “ E-Mailed” instead of “E-Mailed”
  6. Go to the Gift ID column (Column T) and highlight the whole column. Go to “Conditional Formatting” in the “Home” Tab and highlight duplicate values. Check the gifts with duplicate ID’s.
    • In the case of soft credits, find the primary giver and delete the lines of all those soft-credited. You will need to manually upload the letter information after importing the batch tracker.
    • In the case of multiple lines exporting because a constituent has multiple Envelopes or other reasons, delete lines below the first one.
  7. Save the file as a CSV and close it.
  8. In Raiser’s Edge, go to the Admin Tab, Import, and scroll to the bottom. In the “Gift” section, go to the “Gift” sub-section. In the right window, find the import query.
    • For batch trackers prior to 11/25/2020 (B6035), use “01 Gift Acknowledgement Update – New (5/2018)
    • For batch trackers from 11/25/2020 (B6035) and on, use “01 Gift Acknowledgement Update – New (7/22/2021)”
  9. Make sure the “Validate Data Only” box is checked
  10. In the Import File line, click on the 3 dots and find your file.
  11. Validate the data. If there are any errors, correct them
    • Common errors are typos on the batch trackers, missing notepads in gifts, importing a soft-credit instead of the primary giver
    • If a change was made to the batch tracker, re-save it as a CSV.
  12. Once there are no errors, uncheck “Validate Data Only” and click on “Update Now”
  13. After the import is completed, run the “Gift Import Update Verification” to check for any errors in the upload.
  14. Move the original Batch Tracker to the RE_Loaded folder
    • ADVShare > AcknowledgementLetters > Batch Trackers > Completed Batch Trackers
  15. In Asana, ensure all subtasks of the batch are complete. If they have not, follow up on outstanding tasks. If they are, complete the overall task.